A3 LIST (Non-Specialists)

1 To have a minimum of 8 years judging experience in any one breed (to include 5 years in this breed) and have the support of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club. (KC Policy)

2 To have judged a minimum of two separate Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed club shows and with each sex having been judged at breed club show level.

3 To have judged SBT’s with evidence of an adequate geographical spread of appointments of which a min of 40 classes judged, to be not less than 50 miles from home town.

4 To have judged a minimum of 80 classes of Staffordshire Bull Terriers with exhibits actually present in each of those classes.

5 To have judged a minimum of 240 Staffordshire Bull Terriers actual.

6 To have awarded C.C’s in at least one other breed. (KC Policy)

7 To have attended at least one breed specific judging seminar run in accordance with the relevant KC Code of Best Practice and passed an exam and/or assessment where applicable.

8 To have bred or owned a minimum of three dogs of any breed when they obtained their first entry in the Kennel Club Stud Book. (KC Policy).


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